How Effective Is Flyer Distribution?

With marketers looking for advertising opportunities with the biggest bang for the buck, flyers are almost always at the top of the list.

Flyer distribution services remain relevant even in this digital age. In fact, experts at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) claim that a well-organised flyer distribution strategy is still highly effective compared to other marketing strategies. Good organization means proper planning, targeted design, an efficient distribution strategy, and a diligent tracking system.
According to a recent DMA report, 79 percent of recipients glance over the contents of a flyer, after which they choose to either keep it or pass it on to a friend. This dramatically increases the reach of your flyers, compared to 38 percent of people who notice TV advertisements, or 19 percent who take an interest in adverts printed in the press and magazines.
Small, medium, and large businesses can use a flyer distribution marketing strategy. It is budget friendly for small businesses trying to reach local prospects, and economical for large businesses to communicate with their customers in different locations.
Here are some interesting DMA stats showing the effectiveness of flyer distribution:
  • 78 and 79 percent of consumers glance at door drops and direct mail, while 23 and 32 percent proceed to read them properly, respectively. Flyers with some kind of discount or money-off coupon are kept by 33 percent of recipients.
  • 71 percent of consumers who receive coupons, free samples, and offers at the right time in their purchase journey claim that the information helps them to narrow down their options. The same results are reflected in 66 percent of consumers who receive supermarket offers, 62 percent who receive money-off coupons, and 47 percent who receive new product flyers.
  • 48 per cent of flyer recipients actually visit the advertised business, request more information, or make a purchase.

Plan Your Flyer Distribution Advertising Strategy

Flyer distribution services provide one of the most cost-effective yet results-oriented strategies to promote or advertise products, brands and businesses. Flyers allow you to communicate with your audience in a undemanding manner, so they can easily take in the information and refer to it when the need arises.

But the low-cost nature of flyers also increases the risk of being wasteful. To prevent this, plan your distribution strategy well. Take your time to understand your target audience and design the flyer for them, using colours, images and words that they can relate to. Furthermore, decide whether you’re going to use A4 flyers, A5 flyers or A6 flyers. Then choose the areas to distribute your flyers, in the streets or using direct mailing, as you track and measure the response.

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