We’ve been chatting over the last few weeks about the various uses for canvas prints from Asset Print. Isn’t it amazing how everyone has different likes, dislikes and ideas when it comes to decorating their space? It all comes down to personal preference.

A few points to consider when decorating are:

  • Will you incorporate a theme into the décor?
  • Are you going to use bright colours or stick with a neutral palette?
  • Do you prefer bold statement pieces or subtle, soft furnishings?

There are so many other questions that you could ask yourself but in the end, the final look will usually be a reflection of your personality and style.

Fan Art Popularity

Fan Art is always trendy. The subject or theme may change from one day to the next, depending on which sports team is winning or which movie is raking in all the dough at the box office. Don’t feel limited to sports and movies though. Fan Art extends to famous individuals, musicians, cartoon characters, brands and gaming, to name a few.

We thought it might be fun to explore a few popular ideas for Fan Art that you can use on your next order of canvas prints.

Box Office Canvas Prints

You had to have expected us to bring up Harry Potter and Star Wars. There are many other movies and movie series that are popular but these definitely come to mind straight away. You will find high-resolution stock images online that can be purchased and used for personal use, which you can send to us to be printed onto your canvas print. Whether it be a large print with your favourite characters, or a few smaller prints grouped together, the end result is amazing! Install your fan art canvas prints in your child’s bedroom or in the family TV room.


Comics Crazy

This overlaps with the box office canvas prints idea due to many of the Marvel and DC Comics being made into movies. Choose to print an extract from your favourite comic book or display your favourite heroes. Are you team Marvel or team DC?

Hollywood Glam

We doubt you would argue with us when we say that the golden age of Hollywood was when the likes of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly ruled showbiz. Don’t get us wrong – there are phenomenal actors and actresses in Hollywood today but the stars of yester-year really do shine brightly. A classic style café with black and white canvas prints looks oh-so glam, or have your prints done using our black contemporary frames. Stunning!


With so many books being made into movies, the literature category also overlaps with Box Office canvas prints. From The Hunger Games trilogy to Harry Potter and Rick Riordan’s "Percy Jackson" series – there is an endless list of inspiration for your literature themed canvas prints. If you want a literature themed nursery for your little bundle then you are also spoilt for choice. From Neverland to Narnia and everywhere in-between, there are worlds and places that are full of wonder and beauty just perfect for a little one’s room.


Gamers Paradise

The world of online gaming is huge. If you’ve been to, or seen video clips of conventions and events like Comic-Con and gaming championships then you know how large the following can be for each game. We are not gamers (please don’t hold that against us) and even we know that Fortnite, World of Warcraft and Overwatch are just a few of the impressive games available. You don’t get better, you level up 😉 So, why not level up your personal space and include a few canvas prints of your favourite characters. Perfect for a bedroom, games room or office.

Overwatch Game Print (Aug2017) by Canvas Print Co

We know that there are lots of other fan art examples out there so have fun planning your fan art canvas printing.

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